“The American flag symbolizes our society… in which all of us, if we work hard, can realize our dreams and aspirations.”


NEW HAVEN, CT—This morning Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-3) participated in the unveiling of the Fallen Flags Project at New Haven City Hall. The ceremony, in honor of tomorrow’s Veterans Day holiday, featured flags made by Connecticut artist Rebecca Fellows composed of the images of 6,389 fallen soldiers. 


“The soldiers we have lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well in the other wars in our history, fought to protect invaluable treasures:  the freedom and opportunity that are the cornerstones of our society.  Because of their efforts, we are free to speak our minds, meet with whom we choose, worship where we choose, elect our leaders, and live under laws that are a model around the world. This is the tremendous gift bestowed us by our fallen veterans.


“When their nation asked them to, these Americans put on the uniform, they went overseas, they fought to keep us safe, and they gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Their service will always be honored and never be forgotten.  In the Fallen Flags Project, Rebecca has crafted a beautiful, heartfelt, and poignant memorial to these fallen heroes.


“The American flag symbolizes our society – a society in which all of us, if we work hard, can realize our dreams and aspirations. A society these men and women fought and died to protect.


“To the families of these fallen heroes, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Our nation owes you a debt that can never possibly be repaid. We are grateful for your sacrifice, and we are so sorry for your loss.”


DeLauro is a longtime supporter of ensuring that the brave men and women who serve our country, as well as their families, have access to the medical care they need, an affordable education and opportunities for a good, well-paying job.