New Requirements Will Better Enable Enforcement of Pay Equity


WASHINGTON, DC—Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) released the following statement today commending President Obama and the Department of Labor (DOL) for rescinding two documents, commonly known as the “Compensation Standards” and “Voluntary Guidelines” that made it harder for DOL to battle pay discrimination. DOL’s actions will better protect workers and strengthen their ability to identify and fight pay discrimination. It will also enable DOL to conduct investigations of federal contractor pay practices, ensuring they are compliant with existing equal pay laws.


“The Department’s announcement is welcome news for the millions of women who are victims of pay discrimination. These Bush-era ‘guidelines’ have hamstrung DOL and they never should have been implemented in the first place. Cracking down on pay discrimination matters not just to the women who are the direct victims, it matters to the husbands, sons, fathers and brothers who also suffer when women bring home smaller paychecks.


DeLauro is the author of the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would strengthen and update the Equal Pay Act to erase gender-based wage discrimination. It would strengthen federal outreach, education and enforcement; stiffen penalties for wage discrimination; and prohibit retaliation against workers who share salary information with coworkers.


Last month, DeLauro called on President Obama to ban retaliation by federal contractors against employees who share salary information. You can view that letter here.


DeLauro is the senior Democrat on the subcommittee responsible for funding the Labor Department and a longtime advocate for legislation to close the gender wage gap.