Will Reintroduce Legislation to Establish National Infrastructure Bank


NEW HAVEN, CT—Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) released the following statement today on President Obama’s “Rebuild America Partnership.” DeLauro is the author of legislation creating a National Infrastructure Bank, the idea of which President Obama has repeatedly supported in the past and again called for today.


“With America’s $3.6 trillion infrastructure investment deficit, it is well past time that we focus on creating jobs and growing the economy through investments in our critical infrastructure. Rebuilding our roads, bridges, ports and other infrastructure creates thousands of jobs that cannot be outsourced. These are exactly the kind of steps we should be taking to put our economy back on solid footing.


“America needs innovative tools to supplement current Federal programs, including a national infrastructure bank to catalyze private investment in our transportation, water, energy and telecommunications systems. I will be re-introducing my National Infrastructure Development Bank Act soon and look forward to seeing the President's proposal in his forthcoming budget.”


DeLauro’s National Infrastructure Development Bank Act seeks to move the debate beyond old ways of thinking about financing our infrastructure. It would increase the money available to upgrade and rebuild a wide range of our nation’s infrastructure, ensuring we finance meritorious projects of regional and national significance. DeLauro's legislation will create an opportunity to improve our roads and bridges, water systems, energy transmission and more. All this creates hundreds of thousands of jobs, both on the projects themselves and in surrounding communities, across the nation.