Says Republicans Should Defend Their Proposals Promptly, Publicly


WASHINGTON, DC—Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), Ranking Member on the Labor-Health and Human Services-Education Appropriations Subcommittee today called on Committee Chairman Hal Rogers (R-KY) to hold a full committee markup of the subcommittee’s FY2014 bill. Republicans are attempting to cut the bill’s funding levels by 22 percent, slashing the amount of money available for critical education, job training and health services to levels not seen since FY2001. Over the past decade, per-capita, inflation adjusted spending on labor, education and health programs have already been cut by roughly seven percent, or a total of $12 billion.


“We should stop wasting time and start doing our jobs. If my Republican colleagues want to push even more children off of Head Start, kick seniors off of Meals on Wheels, stop funding cancer research and prevent struggling Americans from accessing critical job training services, they should stand up in the light of day and say so. I welcome that debate.


“I am calling on Chairman Rogers to hold committee consideration of the Labor-Health and Human Services-Education Appropriations bill before Memorial Day. We need to see the real impact their allocations will have on American families. If my Republican colleagues truly believe they are doing the right thing, they should be eager to proceed promptly. But I think they know their proposal is the exact opposite of what our constituents want.


“Republicans are trying to cut more money from core priorities like medical research, support for our schools, job training, financial aid for college students—and the list goes on and on. They may say this is unfortunate, but necessary. That is simply not true. They did not appear out of thin air. These cuts are the direct result of voluntary choices made by the House Majority.”