President Franklin Roosevelt Signed the Social Security Act 78 Years Ago Today

NEW HAVEN, CT—Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) released the following statement today celebrating the 78th birthday of the Social Security Act.

“Social Security is the ultimate legislative expression of our nation’s shared values and has tied generations together for 78 years. Along with Medicare and Medicaid, it is the bedrock of our American social insurance system and part of our moral duty to keep retired Americans from falling into poverty.

“On Social Security’s birthday, I pledge to keep its fundamental promise alive: if you work in America, America will guarantee you a solid foundation for retirement. Happy birthday, Social Security, and thank you for the dignified retirement you have given millions of Americans.”

Thanks to Social Security, poverty among the elderly has dropped from more than thirty percent in the 1950s to ten percent today.  Two out of three seniors now rely on Social Security as their main source of monthly income, including three-quarters of elderly women. In 2008 alone, 153,000 Connecticut residents were saved from living in poverty thanks to Social Security.

DeLauro is the senior Democrat on the subcommittee responsible for funding the Social Security Administration. She is a longtime supporter of ensuring seniors are not pushed back in to poverty, as was so often the case before the passage of Social Security. DeLauro opposes any efforts to cut Social Security benefits, including so-called Chained CPI.