WASHINGTON, DC—In light of reports that House and Senate Chairmen are close to an agreement to revive “fast-track” procedures that would force the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other trade agreements through Congress, Representatives Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), Louise Slaughter (D-NY), and GeorgeMiller (D-CA) restated their opposition to fast-track procedures that deny Congress its Constitutional authority to amend trade agreements. The Representatives pointed to letters signed by 151 Democrats and 23 Republicans opposing the use of fast-track authority that usurp Congress’s authority over trade matters. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, which has been negotiated in secret, is widely understood to benefit foreign countries and multinational corporations at the expense of American manufacturers and American jobs.  The next round of TPP negotiations begin on December 7th in Singapore.


Reps. DeLauro, Slaughter, and Miller: “Proponents of this flawed trade deal are clearly trying to establish a false sense of inevitability heading into the Trans-Pacific Partnership ministerial level talks next week that this trade agreement will sail through Congress without amendment. The fact is that the TPP threatens American consumers, workers, and manufacturers, and there is strong bipartisan opposition to so-called “fast-track” procedures that leave Congress out of the process for amending agreements. As history has taught us, we can’t afford to give up our Constitutional authority to protect American jobs by amending flawed trade agreements.”