NEW HAVEN, CT—Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) released the following statement today on the end of President Obama’s trip to Japan, which supporters of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership saw as a major opportunity to announce a deal:


"As the President leaves Japan and continues to other Asian nations, I am happy that there was no breakthrough in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.  Here at home the majority of Americans are tired of flawed trade deals that ship jobs overseas and weaken consumer protections.  Whether it is market access issues with Japan or any number of the other wide ranging and seemingly unresolvable issues with the TPP nations, this agreement continues to face strong headwinds.  There is no appetite to provide the Administration with fast track authority to ram another bad trade deal through Congress at a time when we should be focused on policies that support the middle class and provide better opportunities for those striving to join the middle class.”