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DeLauro Statement on Expanding the Child Tax Credit in the Coronavirus Rescue Legislation

February 7, 2021
Press Release

COVID Relief Bill Includes DeLauro’s American Family Act, Legislation to Make Child Tax Credit Expansion and Improvement Permanent

WASHINGTON – House Appropriations Committee Chair Rosa DeLauro (CT-03) released the following statement on expanding the Child Tax Credit through her American Family Act, included in the emergency coronavirus rescue package and extended through legislation DeLauro is introducing tomorrow. DeLauro has been leading the fight to expand and improve the child tax credit since 2003:

“The moment is here to make dramatic cuts in child poverty that could improve the lives and futures of millions of children.

“The inclusion of an expansion and improvement of the Child Tax Credit in coronavirus rescue legislation moving in the House this week is a groundbreaking change in the way that our nation helps children in poverty. I thank the Biden-Harris Administration and my colleagues on the authorizing committees for their partnership to advance this critical provision that I have championed for decades.

“We cannot stop here. We must use this moment to pass the American Family Act and permanently expand and improve the child tax credit. One year is not enough for the children and families battling not just the coronavirus, but poverty, too.”

The expansion and improvement of the Child Tax Credit is estimated to cut child poverty by nearly 45%, cut Black child poverty by 52.4%, cut Hispanic child poverty by 45.4%, and cut Native American child poverty by 61.5%. In addition to drastically cutting child poverty, this legislation provides middle class families with the same increased monthly benefit as the families currently left behind.