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Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro

Representing the 3rd District of Connecticut

DeLauro Statement on the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations Bill

July 12, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC (July 12, 2017) Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-03) today released the following statement regarding the FY 2018 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Appropriations bill, which was released ahead of the full committee mark-up.

“While I am pleased that this bill includes a $1.1 billion increase for the National Institutes of Health, there are many other programs within this bill that are shortchanged due to the insufficient allocation from the Republican majority. Under the Budget Control Act, House Republicans could have allocated more non-defense spending for these critical programs, yet they chose to grossly underfund them. This bill cuts $5 billion from Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education programs, which is $30 billion below the 2010 level after adjusting for inflation.

“Budgets reflect our values. With a $2.2 billion cut to the Department of Education, a $1.2 billion cut to the Department of Health and Human Services, and a $1.2 billion cut to the Department of Labor, this bill is an assault on American workers, public health, and students.

“House Republicans make massive cuts to education programs, effectively robbing from our children’s future. The bill cuts hundreds of millions of dollars from existing programs like afterschool centers that help ensure that our students have the resources they need to succeed. And by eliminating funding for nearly a dozen education programs, including teacher training and literacy grants, this bill will do long-lasting, irreversible harm to our most vulnerable students and communities.

“House Republicans are set on making it more difficult for women to access health services by blocking funding for Planned Parenthood and Title X family planning. They are also cutting programs for mental health and substance abuse prevention by millions, exacerbating two national issues that states across the country are facing. With this bill, House Republicans are also eliminating the Minority HIV/AIDS initiative and cutting the Community Services Block Grant program, making it difficult for underserved and minority populations to get access to health care.

“The massive cuts proposed in this bill continue with job training programs, which are decimated, and worker protection programs, which are eroded. This bill eliminates grants that provide training and education on prevention of safety and health hazards in the workplace. It also eliminates the proven apprenticeship program and guts the federal job training system, which provides millions of Americans—especially unemployed and dislocated workers, older Americans, and at-risk youth—economic opportunity and a ladder to the middle class. How can we make these cuts when millions of Americans rely on these programs each year?”