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Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro

Representing the 3rd District of Connecticut

DeLauro Statement on the Republican Farm Bill

May 17, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC (May 17, 2018)Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (CT-03) today spoke from the House Floor in opposition to the Republicans’ partisan farm bill. A video of DeLauro’s remarks can be found here, and below are her remarks as delivered:

The hypocrisy of this farm bill from President Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress means more subsidies for the rich and greater hunger for the poor.

The food stamp program is one of most important and successful anti-hunger programs in our nation. Last year, it prevented 42.2 million people from going hungry, including 4.8 million seniors, 1.5 million low-income military veterans. And yet, my colleagues in the majority are seeking to undermine food stamps, as they shield farm subsidies for the rich. You’ll take a look at the number of people who are the farm subsidy beneficiaries and the millions of people who are the SNAP beneficiaries. And what you want to see is how much they get—SNAP beneficiaries get $1,115 per year, the farm subsidy beneficiaries almost $10,000 a year. Farmers, farms receive more than six times the benefit of person receiving food stamps, even though the vast majority of Farm Bill beneficiaries are food stamp recipients.

This Farm Bill would kick 2 million people off food stamps, and cut benefits by more than $23 billion. Meanwhile, Republicans refused to include limits on subsidies provided for crop insurance—one of the few federal programs without any eligibility caps or payment limits.

That is the untold story. Who benefits? In the Republican tax scam for the rich, 83 percent of the benefits went to the top 1 percent. The Republican Farm Bill is rigged as well for the rich. Farm subsidies, which CBO says will cost $12.6 billion more than planned, are so skewed toward the rich that the top 10% of farms – about 76,000 farms – received over 60% of all farm subsidies.

SNAP recipients have income limits, asset limits. They get $1.40 per meal. Millionaires and billionaires who pocket farm subsidies do not. SNAP recipients have work requirements. Millionaires and billionaires who pocket farm subsidies do not, even though many of them do not work the land. Nearly 18,000 people in the 50 biggest cities receive farm subsidies. They do not work the land. They do not till the soil. Where are their work requirements?

In fact, 23 Republican Members of this Congress, who vocally oppose SNAP, have financial ties to farms that receive subsidies. They are poised to support this bill. They get theirs while kids go hungry.

The country needs to know this. In a land of food abundance—in the United States—no one should be hungry. The Republican Farm Bill is a massive giveaway to the rich which will deny children in our country food. It is unspeakable. We need to eradicate hunger. We do not need to eradicate the anti-hunger programs.