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DeLauro Unveils District-Specific Data Detailing Benefits of Expanded and Improved Child Tax Credit

April 23, 2021
Press Release

More than 63 million Children Nationwide, 109,500 in Connecticut’s Third Congressional District, Will Benefit from Expanded and Improved CTC

Data by Co-Equal Illustrates Need to Make CTC Changes Permanent

NEW HAVEN, CT —Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), Chair of the House Appropriations Committee, today released new data collected by Co-Equal detailing the benefits of the expanded and improved Child Tax Credit (CTC). The district-level data reveals the number of children in each Congressional District that will receive the monthly CTC payment. This benefit, included for one year in the American Rescue Plan, will be transformative for middle class families and lift more than 4 million children out of poverty. DeLauro is sharing this data with communities across the country to demonstrate the importance of permanently expanding and improving the CTC.

“The expanded and improved Child Tax Credit is a historic change that is a lifeline to the middle class and drastically cuts child poverty,” said Congresswoman DeLauro. “A stunning 76 percent of children in my district, Connecticut’s Third, will benefit from this policy. These payments to children and their families throughout the year will help them with the costs of things like food, childcare, diapers, healthcare, clothing, and taxes. This data reveals the life changing impact the Child Tax Credit will have on families in every state. Poor, working, and middle class families will feel more secure and better able to deal with regularly-occurring expenses that have only become more burdensome with the spread of COVID-19.”

In Connecticut’s Third Congressional District, 109,500 children, 76 percent, will benefit from the monthly CTC checks. Additionally, the expanded and improved CTC lifts 8,400 children in CT-03 out of poverty, 3,700 children out of deep poverty. Because of the larger benefit for the youngest, 3,100 kids under the age of six are raised out of poverty. The average benefit for 33,400 households in CT-03 is $2,600 annually. Families with children in poverty will receive $4,300 on average.

“Our communities simply cannot afford to see these payments stop in one year, or even five years,” DeLauro continued. “A temporary extension of the CTC provisions is not enough. Now is the moment to make permanent changes that would lift generations of children out of poverty and help working and middle-class families more hard-pressed than ever. It was 86 years ago that President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act so that our oldest citizens in retirement would have the promise of some security and a bulwark against poverty. We owe our youngest the same promise and protection. Just as FDR faced a moment ripe for bold action and big change, so do we.”

The Child Tax Credit was expanded and improved in the American Rescue Plan based on key provisions from DeLauro’s legislation, the American Family Act. All families who qualify will receive the same monthly payments, $250 per month per child, and $300 per month for every young child. DeLauro has been working toward this goal since 2003.

Here is the data on the impact the expanded and improved CTC will have on each Congressional District.*

More information on Co-Equal’s methodology can be found here.

*Data updated April 30, 2021.